Contact RSWE to undertake all aspects of your property valuation requirements whether residential or commercial.

Understanding What a Valuation is

A valuation assesses the value of the property in question and generally relates to the market value. You can require a valuation for host of different reasons for example:

– Property Sale or acquisition
– Property Development
– Probate
– Litigation
– Leasehold enfranchisement
– Divorce
– Estate Tax Planning
– Shared Ownership or Staircasing

If your property requires financing (mortgaged) a professional valuation will normally be requested by your lender to determine if the property is acceptable security for the loan. RSWE do not provide Lender related valuations at this time.

I am a cash buyer, do I need a valuation?

We would always recommend that whenever you buy a property that you have the property assessed to ensure that you are fully aware of what you are actually buying. The fact you have the money already and do not require a mortgage only increases this need as you are buying this property alone without a financial institution partner.

It is essential that if you are a cash buyer, you fully understand what you are buying. Let us help – speak to a professional and contact us.