Land Registry Compliant Plans

As of 2002 you will need to register with the Land Registry if:

– You have had a new lease granted for at least seven years
– You are selling land as part of a registered title that has previously been unregistered
– A section of land you own is being portioned into 2 or more parts for the purpose of selling

In addition you will need to provide a compliant lease plan to accompany the registration.

A lease plan is a drawing detailing the area of land in the lease to be registered. Your lease plan must comply with the latest Land Registry requirements. Unfortunately, if you do not have a compliant plan, your application may be rejected and will need to be resubmitted with a new plan costing you additional time and expense.

Having a professionally prepared plan eliminates this issue and gives peace of mind that your interests are protected.

At RSWE we specialise in drawing up professional lease plans quickly and efficiently, so leave it to the experts and contact us today to discuss your needs.