Understanding a Buildings Survey

If you are buying a house that is over 50 years old, is in poor condition and will require considerable expense to bring into good order RSWE suggests taking out a detailed assessment of the property’s condition with a more in-depth Building Survey (you may know it as its historical name, a Full Structural Survey).

This covers more aspects relating to the property in question and will give you a thorough evaluation of the property’s condition. The Building Survey is appropriate for any property but they are especially useful for freehold properties over 50 years, listed buildings and for buildings you wish to renovate or for a building that has recently been renovated or having undergone major changes.

Your RSWE Building Survey will examine all aspects of the property in question particularly structural. This is to highlight any potential defects or current problems. Your Building Survey will include a valuation although if this is not required this can be omitted.

Your RSWE Building Survey will include the following elements:

– Structural frame
– Roof | structure | coverings | flashings
– Chimneys
– External walls
– Damp-proof course
– Floor ventilation
– Internal walls and partitions
– Fireplaces and chimney breasts
– Basements and cellars
– Floors
– Ceilings
– Windows, doors and joinery
– Finishes and decorations
– Dampness
– Timber defects
– Structural movement
– Electrics
– Gas
– Water supply and plumbing
– Hot water installations, boilers, control equipment and space heating
– Drains
– Foul and surface water
– Orientation and exposure
– Thermal insulation and energy efficiency
– Ventilation
– Noise and disturbance
– Outbuildings, grounds and boundaries
– Garages
– Conservatories
– Boundaries
– Retaining walls
– Insurance rebuilding cost assessment
– Valuation

Contact us for your Building Survey and feel peace of mind you are dealing with experienced qualified Surveyors to help with your property purchase.